They say silence is golden
But I am dark and stealthy
Creeping up almost unerringly
Quietly consuming what’s before me
My companion the quiet swish
As leaves rustle in the wind
The twinkle of cat’s eyes
The distant sound of all that the day has entailed
For I am the inevitable
I am the night



Waking from the dark of night
A room of noisy silence greets
No breath nor other partner’s sound
Or warmth from floor to meet my feet

My mind unlocked I crawl through space
And search for memories of the night
I grasp a shard of a shattered dream
That you shared my heart, my time, this place

I turned to find you by my side
We talked and cuddled through the night
And laughed and cried about life’s gifts
This time with you it felt so right

But waking from the dark of night
I turned and found an empty space
You were not there, I’d dreamt it all
Imagined that you’d filled this place

Perhaps another day will come
I’ll welcome in the rising sun
We’ll be together having fun
And hand in hand this race we’ll run