No Punditry…

Once upon a time, in a world devoid of division, strife, or partisan politics, society refused to be triggered by the opinions of a well-meaning individual.

That nation is not the country I call home today. Rather, our in-post political elite have sacrificed decency on the alter of bitterness, deceit, and strife.

Today, I have learned that I cannot be employed by public funded body and share my personal thoughts in an unrelated public forum. It was in the silence of dawn that I became aware my voice is coveted only as a town crier if I cry in favour of those who wield power.

So, I’m a public figure but can’t have an opinion on public issues. The fact my job has nothing to do with my personal opinions is besides the point. Today is the day that I learned I cannot opine on the state of the nation without running the risk of being silenced.

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