The “Idiot” Generation…

@ifxoluwa wrote a piece this morning regarding how church and culture in Nigeria have helped to raise a generation of idiots.

I’m generally one to refrain from calling a race or cultural group by derogatory names. Having said that, there might be some mileage in the message.

So, I’ll start by suggesting that the term idiot should have been inverted. Hopefully this would have allowed for a wider interpretation of what the writer was trying to say. Failing that, the use of words such as docile and complacent might be deemed less emotive.

Moving on, I noted with interest a number of comments that focused on individual choice. Here’s the rub. If ones choices are subverted to the whims and instruction of an authority from a young age, one becomes docile. Self governance becomes a nebulous, hypothetical construct. Assurance gives way to uncertainty; strength hands over its reigns to folly.

It is somewhat superfluous to lay all the blame on parenting and the church. And yet, it is more than appropriate to note that there are aspects of the Nigerian culture that are not conducive to questioning the status quo.

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